Who’s gonna do it?
After youuuu.


i honestly wonder what the others even say to liam during his monthly twitter meltdowns do they just pretend they aint seen it

Lets look at what Louis has to say about nononoElounor


You know focusing on what Louis is/has been doing when Eleanor is not there wont tell you as much about what he has to say about elounor and matters as whatever he is doing when she is around or comparing his behaviour to last years.
Skitrip: People posting group pics giving the vibe of look at my not-so-gf and Louis staying silent.
Brits: Who is Eleanor? Oh that brunette chatting and sitting with Modest‘ heads.
Holidaying at private island: yeah right.
Manchester: leaving the hotel seperately; Louis spending time alone with Dan and having his pics taken by paps.
London: she was at the concerts but no pics of them and their team resorting to the alternative of her friends posting pics on instagram to make it clear she was there.
Paris: watching the opening act together with Niall being thirdwheel; but once you watch the video it is clear who was thirdwheel. (Not to mention Niall posting Louis pic of being trapped in the closet on instagram with caption Arghhh or smth like that) Yeah we had a pic of them handholding awkwardly but we had tons of pics of them walking around the city looking like they wanted to be anywhere but there.
The Graduation: Well we all saw how that turned out.
Portugal: Louis being busy with his football club and only one pic of them standing feets away from each other. Apparently they had a birthday party -pffft. Wonder why were not they papped or was her bday turned into a twitterfest as usual.
The Wedding: Yeah they wanted to push her as MOH; but we witnessed The Tomlinsons screwing that illusion up pretty well eh? (I know it does not involve Louis exactly; but the Tomlinsons and Mama Jay showed their true colors despite all the unfounded judgement being sent their way.)
NYC: papped alone -although we learned she was there whole time; minded his own business; had to play the couple arriving to their hotel but left her behind and engaged with the fans waiting; and left the hotel within the next ten minutes through FRONT DOOR ALONE. just one blurry pic of them sitting at a table looking disengaged as much as two people could.
Nialls party and The match: Apparently they arrived seperately; but seeing their pictures leaving the party ‘they‘ should probably have thought of leaving it seperately as well.
Louis left the match early apparently he said that he had a plane to catch; and he was mia after that.
Vegas: posting a pic of their feets. And fandom losing its chill in not so good way. Fandom which is aware of the role Eleanor is playing.
You know perception is a tricky thing. Instead of victimizing Louis and Harry everytime they face with pr situations -although what they are going through surely leaves bad taste in their mouth (I so am refraining from making a smutty joke); celebrating them being brave in their own ways in the face of bs is much more encouraging and worth talking about. If i were them; I‘d like my fans to talk about what we are doing instead of what my excuse of a team is trying to do and achieve.


nothing gets me feeling more maternal than watching one direction perform in front of big scary unfamiliar audiences, they get so nervous, and then i get nervous and defensive and also proud? is this what parenting feels like

Liam&Louis during Harry’s solo in WMYB

Title: Louis' solo with Harry

Artist: Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles

Played: 134095 times

ryanseacrest niall what are u doing wondering backstage at #iheartradio

harry/louis + sass

Anonymous asked: whats the significance of liam saying "i'm not"? i missed it



liam usually messes with harry during his WMYB solo - touching him, poking the mic between his legs, rubbing his back, pretending to bite him, etc. Louis usually looks all bothered by it and it’s sort of their “thing” they do during harry’s solo - liam fucks with harry and louis reacts to it

this time, liam looks over at louis and you see liam say I’m not. most likely louis was telling him not to mess with harry because harry wasn’t feeling well and was struggling with singing

x - 19:03




"i could have had my moment with harry styles" 

*rolls eyes so hard one falls out*


19/09/14 El Paso, Texas


the thing about people finding out you like one direction is that once they do they assume all you do is listen to one direction and everything you do is about one direction even though it is but that’s not the point

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